"I'm gonna start posting some pictures I took and videos I edit."

This is where it all started.
I was in a hotel, doing a DoorDash order with my dad. I had just delivered some food to some random person. I looked at that hallway and just took my phone out and took a picture.
I had always taken an interest in Photography, ever since I was a little kid, I would take disposable cameras, that shot film, and take some pictures of random things. I loved it.
It was so much fun to capture moments, even as a kid when I couldn't understand the principles of memories, I enjoyed looking at a flower that had bloomed last spring while it was snowing outside.
I wanted to continue this passion, for real. I had attended photography classes in high school, I had researched cameras and everything. Now I own a really nice camera (look in the Gear tab if you'd like to see what I use or used).
This website is my safe place.
And for the few that read this, I hope you're happy and safe, I'll be here for you, to share my memories and moments I capture. I hope this captivates you on the journey I face.
Love always,

-Rafael Mello